The Eulogy

CAUTION: This story contains references to domestic violence and descriptions of childhood emotional abuse.

I stood at the podium looking out at the sea of faces, unfamiliar and familiar, the funeral director’s words still ringing in my ears. It’s okay to be raw and honest. There’s no right way to grieve. They’re just looking for the  comfort of a shared experience from you.

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The Innocence of Mabel Cunderdin

If you wanted to set your life on fire, there wasn’t a better combination than Mabel Cunderdin, and Edward Willard’s limitless credit card.

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The Very Bad Thing and the Chasm-Exoskeleton

CN: this essay mentions coping strategies subsequent to adverse events in childhood (there are no details of the events themselves)

When I was eight, A Very Bad Thing happened.

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Life is Suffering

There’s a much misunderstood but oft quoted Hindu/Buddhist tenet that life is suffering.

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Rose and Cardamom Syrup Almond Cake

I hadn’t intended to post recipes on this site, but there have been so many requests for this recipe based on the photographs, that I’m deviating from the path.

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The Year My Tree Died

It stood rustling its tiny red berries and pea-green leaves in the northwestern corner of our yard. The Japanese Pepper was my tree.

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Still Unmarried

“And when will you marry?” A thousand disapprovals danced beneath his words.
“When you find me a suitable suitor.”
“Give me your requirements.” He scrambled for pen and paper.
Rolling my eyes I listed; “Tall, handsome, wealthy. Doctor, lawyer, or engineer.”
“At your age,” he said, “isn’t sapience enough?”

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Image credit: Jowhar Tirur/pexels

Jack, the teenage dirtbag

I hate Jack and the Beanstalk.

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The dog of many names

CW: discussion of dog death

I’ve had a lot of dogs over the years.
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How to Make Lunch for Your Grandson’s Girlfriend

Invite your grandson to have lunch with you. Tell him to bring his girlfriend. Your daughter has told you about her, warned you to keep your opinions on her dark skin to yourself because it’s his choice and she’s a lovely girl and he’s happy, Mum, but you’ll be the judge of that. He will suggest going out for lunch, or bringing it with him. Read More