Teaching the Youngest to Drive: An Incomplete List

Driving school lessons completed: 6
Vehicle: manual transmission (stick shift), dual control

Driving school lessons remaining: 4
Vehicle: manual, dual control

Driving lessons with father (alone): 3
Vehicle: automatic transmission and manual transmission (lol, guess who likes to live dangerously)

Driving lessons with mother (alone): enough to sprout more grey hairs on mother’s head
Vehicle: are you bananas? I’m not taking him in a manual till he can safely control a vehicle. Automatic transmission

Other vehicles hit: 0

Pedestrians hit: 0

Cyclists hit: 0

Wide turns taken: <sigh>

Bunny hops: less than I’d bargained for

Stalled vehicle (in traffic): 2
Vehicle: it would really be something if he stalled an automatic in traffic! Manual transmission

Stalled vehicle (in driveway): <whimper>
Vehicle: still a manual

Emergency hand-braking: 1, and okay, that might have been a slight overreaction, but come ON, the kid had driven the car maybe three times
Vehicle: automatic transmission

Times wallet (containing driver’s license) forgotten at home: 1

Times older brother had to drop wallet (and other forgotten items) at school: 1

Times driven with whole family (including dog): 2
Vehicle: automatic transmission

Times driven with mother and older brother:
“I’m a much better driver than you were when you were learning”
“Yeah right! As if! You’re crap. Amma?”
“Don’t drag me into your sibling rivalry!”

Keep an eye out for us on the road, I’m the one gesticulating furiously and pumping my leg on the imaginary brake.

Written for YeahWrite’s Nonfiction Challenge #356. Click the badge to follow the link and read more entries!

4 Comments on “Teaching the Youngest to Drive: An Incomplete List”

  1. My favorite thing about your writing is that I always feel like I’m there with you. Not sure that’s so positive this time. 🙂 Good luck and stay safe!

  2. I really enjoyed the way you told this story. It was an engaging structure.

    The only line which jarred with me was ‘“Don’t drag me into your sibling rivalry!”’. I thought the phrase sibling rivalry was too telling and also obvious that was what was going on.

    Well done on earning those grey hairs!

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