An inconclusive list of things I’ve learned from having a puppy in the house (again)

  1. Tiles are a godsend.
  2. Carpet accidents happen. Despite your best efforts.
  3. Money spent on a good carpet cleaner is never a waste.
  4. Reading instructions and learning the proper use of your carpet cleaner is time well spent.
  5. Puppies (like teens) eat a lot. They will eat pretty much any everything.
  6. Puppies have two speeds; full throttle or fast asleep.
  7. You will walk more than you usually do or care to. You may even run.
  8. The older dog will teach the puppy good habits. And bad ones.
  9. The sound of dogs play-fighting is different from the sound of dogs actually fighting.
  10. Puppies learn rules quickly. They will flaunt them. While looking at you from the corner of their eyes.
  11. Puppies will bring out the gentleness and sweetness in recalcitrant teens.
  12. You will be responsible for the puppy (even though it will “belong” to the nearly-adult child).
  13. You will not mind this responsibility. You always wanted a horde of kids and dogs.
  14. You can teach a puppy to boop noses.
  15. Clever dogs learn quickly. Good behaviour, and bad.
  16. There is intense joy in being greeted at the door by excited dogs.

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8 Comments on “An inconclusive list of things I’ve learned from having a puppy in the house (again)”

  1. It’s not just puppies. Poor Tater isn’t well and I’ll be replacing the entire upstairs bedroom carpet at my earliest convenience. Because some damn fool bought seagrass matting for a carpet.

    • Oh no! Poor Tater. Poor you. Carpet accidents are awful all the way round — especially for older dogs who *know* they’re doing something they shouldn’t, and are very sorry, and just can’t help it ☹️.

  2. Damn. Those cute pictures are definitely a win for you. I love how your list is both practical and speaks to deeper needs.

    • He’s adorable, Janet! Even when he does something terrible. It’s a problem. I think he’s going to be a(nother) very spoiled dog in my house :D. Thanks also for the close reading. I’m glad the emotional depths came through.

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