Her Honest Life: You’re Lucky If They Act Out

This post from the extraordinary Ijeoma Oluo deals with her personal experience of nearly losing her beautiful, clever, loving, sensitive son.

This is a story we all need to read.

Depression and suicide in teenage boys has been something that has played on my mind at one time or another since the day I saw Godzilla’s ultrasound.  I don’t mean to diminish the incidence of depression in girls.  The teenage years (and pre-teen years) are such a time of turbulence, uncertainty and raging hormones.  Teenagers are often just as surprised and confused by their changing moods as anyone else.

All we can do as parents is to keep the lines of communication open, be available, and hope that our children find ways to ask for help in ways that we understand.

Her Honest Life: You’re Lucky If They Act Out.

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