Life in the Quiet Moments

What do you do when your 15 year old son comes to you with a problem you can’t solve? What do I do?  I do mental backflips.  As a mother, I’m always quietly (or sometimes not so quietly) delighted when my teenaged sons decide to confide their deepest thoughts, troubles, and the issues they’re currently wrestling […]

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Rare Treasures

Parenting teenaged boys is very like parenting toddlers.  Or being trapped in a hall of mirrors.  Neither adult, nor child, but both at once, they leap between fiery extremes, singeing me and leaving them confused. Mornings are crammed with distractions and moving at glacial pace, while evenings are a tussle into bed, bathing-optional, clothes, the […]

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Her Honest Life: You’re Lucky If They Act Out

This post from the extraordinary Ijeoma Oluo deals with her personal experience of nearly losing her beautiful, clever, loving, sensitive son. This is a story we all need to read.

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