The Story of A Parenting Win and A Happy Dance


Last week we went on a road trip to Florida (you can find posts on that here if you’re interested) and it was wonderful.  But along the way, we acquired a flat tyre on my car.  So yesterday I called the lovely serviceman to come and change my tyre over for the spare (I have an SUV, I’m not jacking that sucker up to change a tyre by myself when I pay insurance premiums, so spare me the “you could have changed your own tyre” speech — I’ve changed plenty in my life), and today I had to go get the original repaired or replaced.

I’d made an appointment at the car dealership which is around 40 miles away from where we live and Godzilla, the TeenWolf and I set off this morning.  We hung out there for nearly 3 hours while they worked on the car (thank goodness my boys are patient and can entertain themselves with the assistance of some free wifi).

Finally, we made it out of there and headed home for lunch.  So as we’re in the car heading back, the song WASTED came on the radio and the following conversation happened which made my heart do the samba.

TeenWolf:  I bet nobody else does though.

Me: Huh?  You bet nobody else does what?

TeenWolf: I bet nobody else likes her when she’s wasted.  Who likes people when they’re drunk?  That’s so stupid.  Who does that?  They just get drunk all the time.  The only time they like each other is when they’re drunk.

Godzilla:  Ohmagod!  Dude!  You realise these people are not smart right?  They’re not like us.  They’re not smart.  They’re dumb.  They just get drunk and crap.

Me: mentally doing a Snoopy happy dance with flapping ears and flouncing feet.  Yay!  My kids think of themselves and each other as smart.

You couldn’t wipe the ear-to-ear grin off my face.

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