A Blog All Parents Should Read

Today I came across this blog.  It is both a collection of letters/notes from adult women to their teenage selves (or to teenage women generally), and a place where teens can seek answers to questions (either by asking directly, or by reading the many stories already posted).

If you believe that we (in first world countries) have achieved equality, or that there is no place for feminism in this day and age, you NEED to read this blog.

If you have daughters, you NEED to read this.

If you have sons, you NEED to read this.

If you think this is something that can’t happen to your child, you NEED to read this.

As the mother of two teenage sons, as a woman, this blog has been powerful.  It reminds me just why we raise our sons the way we do.  It reminds me of the lessons I want to pass on to them.

But here’s your TRIGGER WARNING.  The stories contained in this blog are honest, raw, and deal with sexual assault, rape culture, and lack of consent.  READ THEM ANYWAY.

Get your stiff drink, your box of tissues, your significant other, or whatever else you need to get through it, and read these stories.

i believe you|it’s not your fault (notes from your big sister)


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