It’s quiet… too quiet….

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The CEO has taken Godzilla and the TeenWolf camping today. They’ve kitted themselves out with cots, pillows, sleeping bags, daypacks, food and the ubiquitous (at least in our house) camouflage light (don’t get excited, it’s just a camping lantern with camo designs on it).

Meanwhile, Pinky and the Brain are in their respective corners… sleeping.  They did their usual walk with the CEO this morning, then went on a second, longer walk with me and the boys.  It’s more than their fat, spoilt bodies are used to.

Boy time together has always been a part of our normal family life.  I value the time without them, and they love the opportunity to be themselves, without having to reign it in for me.  We always play a game where they ask, then cajole me to come along, and I always refuse.  It’s become a little ritualised.  But we all know that the time apart is good for all of us.

Much as I love time to myself, quiet to reflect and think, I miss the noise and chaos of having a house full of testosterone laden housemates.  A day is about my limit, so I’m glad they’ll all be home soon, bringing their filthy clothes and stinking packs with them.


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