To My Father On His Birthday

My dearest Achan, Eighteen years have passed and more, since Death took you by the hand and led you away.  That moment of realisation that you had departed is still so clear, so breath-stealing these many years on.  And yet.  And yet I can no longer remember the exact quality of your voice, the timbre of […]

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It’s quiet… too quiet….

  The CEO has taken Godzilla and the TeenWolf camping today. They’ve kitted themselves out with cots, pillows, sleeping bags, daypacks, food and the ubiquitous (at least in our house) camouflage light (don’t get excited, it’s just a camping lantern with camo designs on it). Meanwhile, Pinky and the Brain are in their respective corners… […]

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Fathers I have known…

So, it’s Fathers Day in the US and the blogosphere is inundated with posts about fathers and how awesome they are.  It makes my heart truly glad to see such a celebration of fatherhood. Fathers Day is always a difficult day for me.  My father passed away 17 years ago.  I miss him every day.  Time does […]

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