Are bindis the tip of the cultural appropriation iceberg?

I’m testing out Facebook’s revamped Notes feature and riffing on bindis and questions cultural appropriation. Apologies if you’re reading a duplicate version of this piece, but it’s a useful way for me to track traffic. I read this (linked) article this morning and it got me thinking about the wearing of bindis and other cultural […]

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Advance Australia Fair

The 26th of January is both Indian Independence Day and Australia Day.  As someone of Indian descent, and Australian nationality, I face no conflict there.  There is no tugging at my conscience to choose one country over the other, there is no struggle in embracing both celebrations equally.  Both celebrations are about nationhood, the forging […]

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Rosetta Stone

When I was a child I lived in a multilingual house in Brunei. The siblings were overseas and far away at boarding school, and my mother was determined not to make the same linguistic mistakes with me. My parents spoke to me only in Malayalam, and the lady who helped with the housework spoke only […]

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