On 17th birthdays and glimpses of the adult

So, here I am very early on Godzilla’s 17th birthday, resting on the corner of Testosterone Lane and Horsepower Road. Having two teen boys in the house means a lot of muscle flexing, boundary pushing, and territory marking. They wake with teasing exchanges that rapidly morph into the rat-tat-tat of suddenly flared tempers. And before long, like […]

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It’s Time

The year scuttles quickly to its close, scooping with it unintended victims that lie unknowingly in its path.  I stand on the precipice of a new year, teetering uncertainly, vertiginous as I glare at the depth of the chasm before me.  Just a trusting leap away, new ventures await, new pathways to be trod, new […]

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Aliens adrift in a new world

It’s been nearly two years now. Two years since a home was packed neatly into a shipping container and transported across the world. Two years since lives were packed neatly into suitcases, friendships folded and vacuum sealed, family washed and dried and placed at the back of cupboards. Two years since we’ve woken to the melodic […]

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