He flicked the butt, still glowing, out of the car’s open window. A jogger or dog walker would stamp it out in due course.

He filled his lungs, checking his bank account with a smile. He expected more ceremony, more import to his last ciggie.

He shrugged.

Image credit: El Caminante/Pixabay

This post was written for the YeahWrite #447 Microprose grid.
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7 Replies to “Quit”

  1. Cold Turkey, that’s going to be tough. The fact that he isn’t thinking about that has me see some wake up calls for him. Particularly if he has formed some habits like taking a drag at a stop light. Drama!

  2. The “shrugged” makes me think he’s not too concerned about actually quitting, but that seems to fit in well with his careless attitude in the rest of the piece. He’d certainly be better off if he stuck it out, but I can’t say I’m optimistic for him, haha!

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