Still Unmarried

“And when will you marry?” A thousand disapprovals danced beneath his words.
“When you find me a suitable suitor.”
“Give me your requirements.” He scrambled for pen and paper.
Rolling my eyes I listed; “Tall, handsome, wealthy. Doctor, lawyer, or engineer.”
“At your age,” he said, “isn’t sapience enough?”

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Image credit: Jowhar Tirur/pexels

10 Comments on “Still Unmarried”

  1. Ha, the never ending wish-list and sapience seldom features in it, though that’s the most needed 🙂

    • Hahaha right? My poor sister had to endure this. This was an actual conversation between her and our eldest cousin, and initially all in teasing. But when he came out with his last line, a family legend was born!

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