Lovers’ tryst

Prompted by their tryst eternal, Sea sends wave on crashing wave,
Churning, frothing, roiling Ocean, spits her foaming peaks so bright.
Sand awaits impatiently, holding to his word and promise.

Passion governs acts and deeds, rendezvous unleashed by promise,
Time yawns chasms between the tides, separating dunes and waves,
Exile from each other’s grasp, ignites the light of lust full bright.

Sea shimmers in jewels of sun, and elegant moonlight bright.
Sand, handsome, coarse and rugged, holds as firm as their kept promise.
Torrid and tempestuous, she drags him slowly out in waves.

For each grab of grains she claims with a wave, she leaves in her wake, bright foam to mark her progress. Time has masked the whys of their tussle; a fight, or a promise?

A tritina for the last YeahWrite fiction|poetry grid for 2017. Click on the badge below to see who else has entered the challenges, read fiction, non-fiction, and microprose, and don’t forget to vote for your favourites!

16 Comments on “Lovers’ tryst”

  1. I loved this! I live right by Long Island Sound and though our waves aren’t very big, this had me standing on the beach in the middle of winter. Great job using the tritina prompt without feeling like you were trying to. And thanks for my prompt words!!

    • Thanks so much, Cheney! This is my first tritina (and in the copy paste on my tablet, I successfully lost the last line somewhere. Thank all the google gods I had it saved in docs). I’m super delighted that you found a connection with this.

      You’re very welcome for the words. I’m really looking forward to reading what you did.

  2. This feels like an oral history, a myth passed down through generations. The way you divided your lines into four + four beats gives it a formal, ritual flavor. It really demands to be read aloud, I think.

  3. I could write about the ocean all day long – so I loved this.
    I really wanted to pour over this, read it slowly as the images build and grow. Really lovely.

  4. This is lovely and I adored the last sentence in particular. Cyn and Christine’s comments are spot on (although I don’t have Christine’s ear for meter unless it’s rhyming).

  5. I’m echoing pretty much everyone else here, but I loved the mythic feel of this. Sand and Sea and their relationship felt so human and so magical at the same time.

  6. I love this one…I’m going to have to try a tritina as I’m loving almost all I’ve read. I love the ocean and your imagery is so vivid, I found myself picturing my local beach do this.

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