G is for… good gravy, it’s cold

The south-west of Western Australia has some of the most stunning landscape. Every time I drive down here, there’s a visceral lightening of my load. My shoulders relax and I feel like I can breathe again.

What I inevitably forget each time, is how breathtakingly cold it also is. We’re closer to the Antarctic, y’all. It’s cold. Even in summer, it’s cold.

I sit here with a fire blazing, rugged up, remembering every holiday from childhood in some town in the south-west, feeling like I would never be warm again. You know that feeling when the sun’s out and you think it should be warm, but you’ve lost feeling in your fingers, and your toes are sweating from being encased in so many layers of socks? This is literally a cold sweat, y’all.

You’ve probably guessed that I’m not good at being cold. Despite my griping, the place is stunning. Here are some images from yesterday when we arrived.





2 Comments on “G is for… good gravy, it’s cold”

  1. I can actually take cold better than heat. Probably why I loved the 5 years I spent in Nairobi and have settled in a city which is reasonably cool year round. Except now it feels like am in an oven thanks to global warming and summer.

    You sound cold 😉 Add another layer of clothing.

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