The Mystery Prize

The last few days have been hectic.  We’re fence-sitting with schools. Unhappy with the enormous changes at the current school, we’ve decided to keep our options open, which means applying to other schools.  The CEO loves the school we’re looking at.  I’m nervous.  It’s much more intense and I’ve got all kinds of concerns about the kind of pressure that’ll mean on Godzilla and the TeenWolf.

In the middle of that, I get an email saying that Godzilla is being presented a prize today at a school ceremony (at the current school).  Being the highly suspicious mother that I am, I immediately leapt to the conclusion that they’ve got wind that we’re looking elsewhere and this is some kind of incentive measure to keep us.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Godzilla is more than capable of winning prizes at school.  He’s been doing that for years with both academic and sporting prizes.  But the timing is interesting, and just a little too coincidental.

The most curious part of it all, is that there was no indication what the prize is for.  Godzilla’s bamboozled and I am too.  He’s been doing consistently well academically and he’s a natural sportsman, but neither of us has any clue what this is for.  He’s been chewing my ear off for the last two days trying to figure out what it’s for.  Me?  I’m happy to be surprised.

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