Chasing Away Shadows

~ Deepam. Deepam. ~ My childhood Summers were spent mostly at my maternal grandmother’s home in Kerala. My Ammamma, my Mothermother, was brilliant, a self-educated soul who read without discrimination. Sharp-witted, insightful, funny, and loving, with little interest in cooking. She would delight in things of beauty, and my mother would secret away small presents […]

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Arranged Marriage

Priya, how will MummyDaddy react? Radha, do you want me to go through with this arranged marriage and spend my life in misery?  You’re my cousin-sister.  I thought you’d understand. We have maintained the lie till now, but we both know that by morning, I will be gone.

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A Good Indian Wedding

Brazen wisps of tandoori chicken snake sinously from the oven to duel with the tangy sassiness of makhani sauce on the stove. They will marry soon, overcoming the quarrels and barriers that have separated them so long, combining their finest qualities. Dressed in their wedding garb of carmine, like all good Indian brides, they will […]

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