Some reading over Memorial Day weekend

It’s miserable weather here in Houston. Day 2 of a raging thunderstorm sees the dogs cowering next to me at my writing table, and the children home.

Last night was more than a little rough, with periodic alarms from flash flood warnings punctuating my sleep, and an automated phone call from the school at 4.29am (I checked) to report countywide school closures due to flooding and power outages. So today I’ve been catching up on reading various articles.

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Dear Lydia, Please Stop The Mommy Wars

Asha and her teenaged sons

Dear Lydia,

I just finished reading your letter to your daughter.  It raises so many troubling concerns for me.

You say in your letter that you’re a “stay-at-home mommy” and yet you go on to list all that you had achieved prior to having your daughter.  Why do you feel it’s necessary to detail these accomplishments?  If you’re content to be a stay-at-home parent, why even mention what you did previously?  Are you hoping your daughter will be grateful for the sacrifices you’ve made?  It would certainly seem so.

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