The conversion of cat people

There hadn’t been a dog in our family in my living memory. When I was a baby, there was Johnny – a pure bred bitser[1], a beast of the most patchwork genealogy possible, a hotchpotch of canine genetics that tested the limits of hybrid vigour. But he was a myth, a legend, a story drawn from […]

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My friend, Bear

When a dog died in an early reader children’s book, we were not okay.

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The queen’s entourage

“Rani!” The call goes up from a young woman behind the counter.

One by one other staff members take up the refrain till it reverberates through the cavernous interior of the pet shop, an echo inside a cave, the opening strains of The Circle of Life

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The dog of many names

CW: discussion of dog death I’ve had a lot of dogs over the years.

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