The time has come to speak of … academic reports

English: A graduation hat

School has closed for Summer and our first full academic year in the US has drawn to a close.  It’s that time of year again, when the parents of your kids’ friends come out of the woodwork, brandishing reports in hand, and wanting to do a comparison.

A little background first.  I come from a community where through the entirety of my education (primary school, high school and even university), the parents would gather after reports were issued and compare their kids’ performance.  There was no actual report card swapping, but there was definitely a lot of “oh yes, my child got an A for that subject.  But she always gets high marks.  She’s very clever.” Followed closely by parents admonishing their own children with “why didn’t you get an A for that subject?” or “if you just worked a little harder and didn’t spend so much time playing, you’d be getting As too”.  Yes, ok, in my case they may well have been right.  I have no regrets about playing, making up stories, or having fun.  But I am more sensitive than your average bear to such academic comparisons of kids.

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