Bylines, Awards & Prizes

Brushstrokes II (anthology)

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  • Matriliny (poem)

Grieve 2021 (anthology)

  • My Father’s Hands (poem)

Underground Writers Zine Issue #34 (Fan Fiction)

  • You Can Have it All (poem)

Rabbit #32 (Form)

  • Boys Standing on a Footpath (poem)

Society of Women Writers WA:

Bronze Quill Award 2020
A Sense of Place (2020 – anthology)
  • The Summer People
The Cyberettes (2021 – anthology)
  • Timothy and the Crocodile

Peril Magazine

Heroines Women’s Writing Prize 2020: The Neo Perennial Press

  • Highly Commended (Short Fiction)

Ellipsis Zine

  • Charlie: The day my oldest son ran away from home, a wedge-tailed eagle took up residence in his room. Nobody knew where it had come from, or where he had gone.

Modern Loss

  • Loss Squared: One moment, I was planning a long-awaited trip to East Africa. The next, I was facing down two life-or-death decisions.


  • Pictures of You: Ammamma

It Starts With Hope

  • Immortal Hope: ‘Hope is born on the wings of choices…’ 


  • I force my kids to take selfies with me and I’m not the least bit sorry

Dead Housekeeping

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